Some great things happening at  Here are just a few of our COOL NEW FEATURES:

The beat my caption contest has been going GREAT and there is still time to enter your Ask your friends to vote for you, win a case of Twinkies!own funny caption and try to win the CASE OF TWINKIES!  The winner will be picked on 07/13/11.   Winner will be chosen by how clever or funny they are AND by votes, so make sure to tell your friends to vote for you by clicking thumbs up on your caption.

Have your own avatar.  It can be your photo, your favorite snack, cartoon, emoticon, whatever makes you happy.  Now you can see a bio and photo of the contributor to a page, make sure you update yours,

Twinkie Locator?  That’s right, we have put together possibly the worlds only Twinkie location map!  If happen to find yourself in Bangladesh and you get a hunger for Hostess, or if your over seas at war and you want to bring some Twinkies back to the base camp for your troops, this is the map for you.  We hope to find locations all over the world that sell Twinkies and other Hostess snacks, you can help by adding your favorite store. Wherever you are in the world, just remember

Perhaps the worlds first and only snack map?