Children’s Hostess Snack Cake Decorating Challenge! Fun and Tasty!

Hostess Snack Cakes are not only delicious but also make for a creative and fun activity for parents to do with their children. This Hostess Snack Cake Decorating Challenge encourages creativity, bonding, and a sweet treat at the end.

Materials Needed:

  1. Assorted Hostess Snack Cakes (Twinkies, CupCakes, Ding Dongs, etc.)
  2. Various toppings and decorations (sprinkles, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, gummy bears, fruit, whipped cream, etc.)
  3. Frosting (chocolate, vanilla, or any other preferred flavor)
  4. Small plates or trays
  5. Plastic knives or spoons for spreading frosting
  6. Aprons or old shirts to protect clothing
  7. Tablecloth or newspapers to protect the workspace
  8. Optional: colored icing in squeeze bottles for more intricate designs


1. Set Up the Decorating Station:

  • Lay out the tablecloth or newspapers to create a mess-free workspace.
  • Arrange the Hostess Snack Cakes, toppings, frosting, and utensils in a central location where everyone can easily reach them.
  • Ensure that each child has a plate or tray to work on.

2. Explain the Challenge:

  • Let the children know that they will be participating in a Hostess Snack Cake Decorating Challenge. The goal is to create the most visually appealing and tasty snack cakes.

3. Decoration Time:

  • Give each child a Hostess Snack Cake of their choice and encourage them to start decorating. They can use frosting to stick toppings onto the snack cake and get as creative as they like.
  • Offer guidance and ideas for different decorating techniques. For example, they can make faces, animals, or abstract designs with the toppings.

4. Time Limit and Judging:

  • Set a time limit for decorating, perhaps 15-20 minutes, to keep things exciting.
  • Once the time is up, gather around and have a mini “show and tell” where each child presents their decorated snack cake to the group.

5. Judging Criteria:

  • Creativity: How unique and imaginative is their design?
  • Neatness: How well did they execute their ideas?
  • Taste: Each participant can take a small bite of their creation and share their thoughts on flavor combinations.

6. Awards and Prizes:

  • You can make it even more fun by awarding prizes, such as “Most Creative,” “Best Use of Colors,” or “Tastiest Creation.” Small prizes or certificates can be given to the winners.

7. Enjoy the Snack Cakes:

  • After the judging is complete, let the kids enjoy their decorated snack cakes as a delicious treat.

8. Cleanup:

  • Make sure to clean up the workspace together, ensuring that everything is put away and the tablecloth or newspapers are disposed of properly.

This Hostess Snack Cake Decorating Challenge not only encourages creativity but also provides a memorable bonding experience for parents and children. Plus, everyone gets to enjoy their tasty creations at the end!

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