Cheapo Birthday Party Cake made with Hostess Snack Cakes!


I had a cheapo birthday party. You may ask yourself, “What does a cheapo birthday party  mean?” Well, basically it meant we drank cheap wine and ate food you would buy at a convenience store. Velveeta, twinkies, ritz, jell-o. Those sort of things. Which secretly we all love, come on, be honest. Since it was for my birthday I knew there needed to be a birthday cake. Well, what is more white trash then Hostess and Little Debbie Snack Cakes? Nothing! Well, maybe Slim Jims, but that’s it.

So my creativity was on a roll. I found some Hostess coupons online and headed to Target. I bought whatever varieties were cheapest. Twinkies, L.D. Cupcakes, L.D. Cookies and Cream Bars, Zingers, and Ho-Ho’s. I layered them on a cake platter with a bowl in the middle to support this partially hydrogenated structure. It turned out so well. Perfect for the occasion.

Now I have about 20 leftover snack cakes, a combination of everything I bought. Good thing they last for about 3 years in the cupboard. Maybe I will throw them in our emergency supply kit. In a desperate state, yes, I would eat a twinkie. But only then. However, I did take 1 little bite of each kind of snack cake. The only one that is tolerable is the chocolate cupcake. Although my friend did eat 3 zingers, apparently he likes twinkies and coconut together.


Submitted by Angela Graham – Miller
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