BEAT MY CAPTION–Twinkie Cubicle Prank

What better way to promote my new website than with a sweet contest!
This months contest is for one case of yummy Hostess Twinkies. !

Original Twinkies Cubicle Prank Caption Contest

Now’s your chance to show all your friends how funny you are.

If you can think of a funnier caption than mine you will win an ENTIRE CASE OF TWINKIES!!!  Not a pack, not a box, an entire case! No tricks, no gimmicks, just pay $32.55 for shipping and I will… HAH HAH, don’t worry, you also get FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE!

Notice: Feel free to leave comments below, but if you’re submitting and entry, please type CAPTION: at the beginning of your comment.


The winner will be contacted via the email they registered with so make sure you spell it right!

By entering, you agree to take a photo of yourself with your box of fresh, sweet, yummy Hostess Twinkies so we can let everyone know it’s not a scam and we really do have winners, lol. is new, in fact, as I am writing this, the entire site is about 3 days old from construction to now.  whew!

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